2016 Conference

2016 Annual Training Conference

40th Annual Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society Annual Training Conference

Oct 17-20

Daytona, FL
Photo contest

Aquatic Scenes

  • Jerry Merritt
  • John Chapman
  • Steve Nutter

Aquatic Operations

  • Steve Nutter
  • Joyce Hertel
  • Leonard Malecki

Outgoing Board Members

  • Bryan Finder
  • Keith Mangus
  • Mike Hulon
Best Applicator Paper
– Matthew Cole

Presidential Award

  • Lynn Gettys
  • Kat Ethridge
  • Bill Torres
  • Dan Thayer
Applicator of the Year
– Alex Holmes

Tech Duck

  • Dan Dorosheff - GoPro
  • Paul Sands - Fitness Watch
  • Joseph Liberatore - Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Ducks

  • Dan Dorosheff - Shotgun
  • Joyce Hertel - Yeti cooler
  • Mike Vaughn - Yeti cups
This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the FAPMS. The FAPMS Board of Directors and Program Committee are working to make this year’s conference a special anniversary celebration. We are completing a presentation and display that will include photos throughout the past 40 years.
If you have photos that you are willing to share, please send us your digital photos of FAPMS members and conferences, aquatic plant management operations, projects, equipment, etc. (basically anything that pertains to aquatic plant management and FAPMS).
Please send your digital photos to fapms40years@gmail.com. We would appreciate any photos you are willing to share.
We are looking forward to this year’s conference and hope that you will be able to join us to celebrate 40 years of FAPMS!