Aquatics Manuscript Guidelines

Aquatics magazine is typically published quarterly as the official publication of the Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society. This publication is intended to keep interested parties informed on matters related to aquatic plant management, particularly in Florida. The magazine accepts informative articles, summaries of scientific papers, and editorial reviews that focus on aquatic plant management, aquatic wildlife, or related topics. Articles that clearly advertise specific products or technologies will not be accepted unless coauthored by an impartial party (such as a university or public agency) and worded in such a way as to inform the readers without necessarily soliciting purchases of said products or technologies.
All members are encouraged to submit articles regarding techniques, “tips of the trade”, equipment reviews, research in process, helpful web sites, summaries of scientific papers, or any information associated with aquatic plant management. Please contact the editor via email.

Submission Guidelines

General Information

All material submitted for consideration in Aquatics magazine will be reviewed by the editor for relevance to the magazine and its readers. Upon acceptance, the editor will contact the author(s) within two weeks to acknowledge receipt of the article. If you have not received a reply within this time frame, please contact the editor to verify receipt.


Articles should be submitted to the editor by email before the posted submittal deadlines. Electronic text, tables, figures, and charts should be formatted in MS Word. The magazine is professionally formatted by a graphic design firm so authors need not provide articles in a design layout unless they wish to do so for the purposes of position and clarity. All material should include author and co-author name(s), affiliation, phone number, mailing address, and email.


Photographs should be submitted as separate files and not embedded in the Word document. If photographs are submitted as part of a manuscript for placement purposes, they still must be submitted as separate files. Please be sure the photographs are labeled and referenced in the manuscript. Provide captions and photo credits for all photos.

Cover photos

All photographs submitted for the cover page should list photographer's name, affiliation, contact information, and provide a description of the photograph (where, when, comments). Payment is not provided for the use of cover photographs. Digital photographs should be taken in high resolution (300dpi resolution or higher).

Editorial Calendar

Quarterly Issue Submission Deadline
February 1
May 1
August 1
November 1

Send all magazine submittals to the Editor shown under the About Us/Officers tab of the website.