Maier Scholarship

William L. Maier Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Available 2025

The William L. Maier Jr. Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student who is (1) enrolled in an accredited university or college located in Florida, (2) a U.S. citizen, and (3) majoring in a field of study directly related to the management of freshwater, aquatic vegetation for the ecological benefit of aquatic or freshwater environments. In the event a recipient withdraws from the university or college, changes to a non-eligible field of study (see below), or fails to maintain the necessary grade point average, that student will not be eligible for additional support under the provisions of this program.

Fields of Study

To be eligible, the student must be majoring in one of the following fields of study with a demonstrated concentration or emphasis on the application of their major to the management of freshwater aquatic ecosystems as related to aquatic macrophytes.
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Agricultural Engineering
Natural Resource Economics
Plant Pathology
Resource Conservation
Wildlife Ecology/Management

Academic Criteria

To be selected, the candidate must submit a transcript to indicate that their overall grade point average is at least 3.0 (out of 4.0) as a graduate student or 3.0 (out of 4.0) for their last academic semester as an undergraduate student if the graduate level grades are not yet available.

Application Process

Candidates will complete the required application form and submit it to the Foundation President by the deadline date established on the application.

Selection Process

The submitted applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors who will serve as the Selection Committee. The selection will be based on each applicant’s potential contribution to the science of aquatic plant management as demonstrated by past academic performance and his or her views and philosophy of aquatic plant management as expressed in the required essay. The Board will determine the number of scholarships awarded and size of the awards based on the number of successful candidates in that given year.
WL Maier

About W.L. Maier, Jr

Maier Scholarship Recipients

The FAPMS Scholarship Foundation was established by the Board of Directors of the Society and is administered by the Board of Directors of the FAPMS Scholarship and Research Foundation, Inc. Since 1986 the foundation has provided over $75,000 in scholarships.
The FAPMS currently supports 2 competitive scholarships; the William L. Maier Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Paul C. Myers Applicator Dependent Scholarship.
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2023 Recipients
Amber Riner
Hannah Brown
Daniel Canfield
2015 Recipient
Philip Bellamy
Bethune Cookman University
2011 Recipient
Kyle Wilson is pursuing his masters degree in the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Program at the University of Florida.
2004 Recipient
Tyler Koschnick is the recipient of the William L. Maier Memorial Scholarship. Tyler is pursuing his doctorate degree at the University of Florida.
1994 Recipient
Michael T. Mumma