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Vegetation Management Technician
South Florida Water Management District
West Palm Beach & Clewiston, FL

May, 2023

Controls aquatic and terrestrial vegetation to support the District’s water management and natural resource protection missions using a variety of control techniques. These techniques include the proper mixing, calculating, and applying of a variety of approved herbicides according to product label directions and in accordance with the rules and regulations as set forth by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), State and County regulations and policies governing the application of herbicides.

Vegetation management activities will also include operation of mechanical harvesting equipment. Operates powered and manual equipment relative to vegetation management such as airboats, all-terrain vehicles, midsize tractors, outboard motorboats, aquatic vegetation harvesters (e.g., Truxor® amphibious machine, Conver® harvester, tow boats) chemical spray trucks, backpack sprayers including transporting, loading, and offloading of equipment.

Fills sprayer tanks with water and chemicals, according to formulas. Mixes herbicides and/or algaecides for application to vegetation or algae. Connects hoses and nozzles selected according to terrain, distribution pattern requirements, types of infestations, and velocities. Starts motors and engages machinery, such as sprayer agitators or pumps or portable spray equipment. Lifts, pushes, and swings nozzles, hoses, and tubes to direct spray over designated areas.

Maintains awareness of weather conditions, environmentally sensitive areas, drift potential, obstructions, and herbicide label restrictions when planning and implementing control activities.
Inspects and monitors District owned rights of ways, canals, levees, easements and other properties for undesirable vegetation growth and invasive/nuisance plant species, including species identified as priorities for rapid response control.

Prepares and maintains vegetation management reports and daily logs using District data collection software including, but not limited to treatment schedules and mapping of planned control activities.

Posts warning signs in treated areas to inform the public of any water use or re-entry restrictions.

Uses a map and/or GPS to identify location and record, reference or retrieve vegetation management data.

Incumbent must have a background and practical work experience in vegetation management, good verbal and written communication skills, ability to plan and manage workloads, enthusiasm, and temperament for dealing with harsh wetland field conditions, and willingness and commitment to actively contribute to a collaborative teamwork effort.

Working hours are Monday – Thursday from 6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

All other duties as assigned.

Aquatic Spray Technician
(Pasco County, FL)

January, 2023

American Ecosystems, Inc. is a successful and growing company that maintains lakes, ponds and canals for a wide variety of clients. We primarily control nuisance aquatic vegetation through the use of aquatic herbicides. These materials all are safe for fish and wildlife and possess what is called an aquatic label for use in aquatic environments. Other services that we provide our clients are construction and installation of floating fountains, aeration systems, beneficial aquatic plant installation, game-fish, tripod grass carp stocking and environmental consulting. As a result of our constant contact with the aquatic environment; we are routinely in contact with a wide variety of Florida fish and wildlife. This includes, but is not limited to the following: snakes, alligators, large insects, etc.

The person we are looking for to fill this position MUST possess the following qualities:
1) Should like the outdoors, able to tolerate the high temperatures and want to work in the
2) Be able to responsibly take care of lakes and ponds consistently each and every month for
his/her assigned clients after training is complete.
3) The ability to drive a standard transmission truck, back up, and maneuver a boat trailer.
4) Maintain assigned equipment to company standards
5) Work independently.
6) Tolerate and learn from constructive criticism from supervisors.
7) Clean driving record. DUI is immediate disqualification.
8) Grooming standards; no earrings, excessive visible tattoos or long hair for men.
9) Polite and helpful demeanor. Excellent customer service skills.
10) Reading, writing and math abilities should be at least High School level.
11) Pass certification exam.

We offer competitive salaries, benefits and super challenging work environment for a qualified person. Get into the private sector where you can do much better!

Please call Daniel, Regional Supervisor, at 813-210-1203.
Email resume to: [email protected]

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