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Aquatics continues to serve as a resource for conveying information about various management techniques, new invasive species, and regulatory and technical issues to professional aquatic plant managers throughout Florida, the United States, and several foreign countries.
FAPMS registration dues include a subscription to Aquatics magazine, which circulates to the FAPMS membership and to members of the Mid-South, Midwest, Northeast, South Carolina, Texas, and Western chapters of the Aquatic Plant Management Society (APMS). In addition, all members of the National APMS receive a complimentary copy of Aquatics. Circulation is approximately 2000 copies per issue. The target audience includes public and private resource managers and applicators.
Proceeds generated from advertising revenue are used to publish the magazine and to support the education and scholarship mission of the FAPMS. Based on input from our members, advertising space is limited to ensure proper balance between technical content and commercial content of Aquatics.
Based on input from you, our advertisers, we have lowered our Advertising Rates for Aquatics Magazine by 20%. In addition we also added a new 1/6 page advertisement.
We appreciate your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the future. Please direct all inquiries to Angie Huebner, Aquatics magazine advertising point of contact.
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