Marvin Tucker​

Marvin “Dutch” Tucker, 68, died Thursday, Nov. 1 at home in Cocoa. Mr. Tucker was a founder of aquatic plant control in Florida. He was a charter member of the Hyacinth Control Society, forerunner of the national Aquatic Plant Management Society and FAPMS. He was a lifelong resident of Brevard County and supervisor of Brevard’s Herbicide Control Department for 21 years. He had retired two years ago. Before regional management programs began, Mr. Tucker took on water hyacinth management on the upper St. John’s River. Under his steerage, all of Brevard County’s miles of drainage canals and rights-of- way were brought under control. Invaluable knowledge was developed in the process. In honor of Mr. Tucker’s major contributions to our industry, a special Marvin “Dutch” Tucker fund of the Aquatic Plant Management Society’s William Maier Scholarship Foundation has been created. Contributions to the fund are being held by the Brevard County comptroller’s office for presentation to the Society at a later date. Checks should be payable to the William Maier Scholarship foundation and sent to: Richard Van Epp Brevard County Scenic Improvement Department 3695B Lake Drive Cocoa, FL 32922.