Paul C. Myers​

Paul C. Myers’ 27-year battle with a rare cancer ended on September 19 at his home in Eagle Lake, FL. Confined to his home the last 2-3 weeks of his life, Paul was inundated by numerous visitors from near and far, which indicated just how many hundreds of people he befriended during his 55 years. Paul was a charter member of FAPMS when it was founded in 1976 and served in several capacities: including our seventh President (1984) and Editor and publisher of Aquatics magazine. Most recently he served on the FAPMS Scholarship Board of Directors and always was supportive of our scholarships, fund raising and research and educational programs. He graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in biology where he excelled in academics and track and field (pole vault). From 1971-77 he worked for the old Florida Department of Pollution Control sampling lakes and streams and enumerating benthic critters and water quality. He left the microscope behind when he became Director of Aquatic Plant Control for Polk County Environmental Services in 1978, which at that time was directed by another FAPMS charter member, Frank Wilson. Paul and Frank were very active in organizing and re-organizing statutes, regulations, and funding for both aquatic plant management and research in Florida during this time. The formation of the IFAS Center for Aquatic Plants at the University of Florida was strongly supported by the Polk County legislative delegation. Paul and Frank recognized that more research was needed to develop environmentally sound methods of aquatic plant management in Florida. In 1981, Paul and Linda founded Applied Aquatic Management, a plant management company that would eventually take on not only aquatic weeds, but weeds in wetlands, mine reclamation sites, canals, rights of way and many other sites. He never shunned the tough jobs. When considering a contract for hyacinth control on a reservoir in which there was much fisheries opposition to spray programs, he met with fish camp operators to discuss their concerns and ended up hiring one of them to oversee the management program. End of Opposition! Paul’s quiet nature, extensive knowledge and disarming smile carried the day on numerous occasions. The stories he could tell; they were true and often almost unbelievable. He worked and played hard, and he trained and taught some of the best applicators. In fact, he was a teacher by his nature. Who hasn’t benefited from learning something from him? Whether it was about plants, water quality, herbicides, fishing, hunting, or even how to kick the tires on a used car. He even taught us how to live life, if not through words, by example. Paul’s contributions to our profession, our societies and to his colleagues will be long remembered. The Myers family has continued this support by designating the FAPMS Scholarship Foundation as a recipient of donations in Paul’s name: the funds being used for the Paul C. Myers Applicator Dependent Scholarships. Contributions may be sent to: FAPMS Scholarship Fund, c/o Don Doggett, PO Box 60005, Ft. Myers, Florida 33906 or to the First Baptist Church of Lake Alfred, 280 E. Pierce Street, Lake Alfred, Florida 33850.